Common Questions About Machine Learning

In this article, we are going to talk about machine learning. We will answer a lot of common questions that most people may have on their minds. Without further ado, let’s get into details. Read on.

1. What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a type of (AI), aka Artificial Intelligence that empowers a system to learn and make decisions itself without being programmed. These algorithms make the computer smart enough so that it can make choices on the basis of the data it has without any human intervention. The primary aim is to make algorithms that allow a system to learn and make their own decisions in future, based on the past data.

2. Why do we need Machine Learning?

Given below are some of the reasons we use these in the here and now.

2.2. Prediction while Traveling

We all have been using GPS system while traveling in our lives. Whenever you book a cab it tells you the approximated fare and time required to reach your destination. How does your smart phone do that? The answer is machine learning! It calculates the velocities and location of our vehicles. based on this information, it even tells us if there is traffic jam on this road. The programmers did not program the computer to tell you that there is a traffic jam, but they designed a system that makes smart decisions on the basis of past and current events of people who passed by that area. Plus, it warns you about the traffic jam.

2.3. Search Engine Optimization

web search engines automatically show you the accurate results based upon your location and past searches. Programmers don’t program it to show you those results, but it gives accurate results within seconds according to your interests and recent searches.

2.4. Spam Mail Classification

In our email boxes, the system automatically classifies some emails as spam or junk mails and some mails as primary mails that could be very important for us. The system is never wrong and it is all possible with the help of these learnings.

3. Types of Machine Learning:

The basic idea of machine learning is the same for all types but it has been further divided into 3 following types:

3.1. Supervised Learning Supervised learning is one of the most popular types of machine learning and it is easy to understand and implement. In this type, the algorithm is trained on given data but and the data needs to be labelled. You allow the system to predict the data and you make corrections if the predictions it makes are not accurate enough.

3.2. Unsupervised Machine Learning

Unsupervised machine learning works without any labeled data but you have to provide a lot of data so that the system understands the properties that provide a base for the decision it has to make. This can improve the productivity in a lot of fields.

3.3. Reinforcement Learning

It is based upon trial and error methods. The system makes mistakes and learns from them in order to avoid these mistakes again. For example, in a maze, when the system fails to find a path, it won’t go on the same path again because it knows that the path doesn’t work. It labels positive outcomes and negative outcomes and runs on the basis of these outcomes.

In short, these were some of the common questions about machine learning. Hopefully, the answers to these questions will help you get a deeper insight into this field of science.

The LeapFrog Text and Learn Review

How many parents have to fend off their children as they ask to play with their blackberries or other PDA devices? Children just love the allure of these electronic gadgets, and they don’t want to be told that they’re not toys. The solution, of course, is to get them a cute little PDA type device that actually is a toy. That’s where the LeapFrog Text And Learn comes into the picture. This adorable little device resembles an adult’s Blackberry phone in how it’s shaped and with its full QWERTY keyboard. It’s a little larger than standard Blackberry phones or other PDA devices so that it will be easy for small hands to manipulate, but otherwise it provides a similar feel and experience that young children are sure to appreciate.

The Text And Learn provides several activities to keep children busy playing and learning on this nifty little device. All PDA devices must have a calendar app, and the Text And Learn is no exception. Children learn the days of the week as they select a day and interact with Scout, the on screen puppy character who guides them through playing on the system. When they select a day, Scout lets them know what he has on his calendar for that day, so in addition to learning about the days children are also taught about planning for the future.

There’s also a letter learning feature built in to the Text And Learn. When using this feature, children can press a letter and hear that letter read back to them, as well as learn what kind of sound it makes and what words start with the letter. A little animation on the screen will hold a child’s attention as he or she learns about each of the letters.

In order to practice the letter learning skills that they practiced with the letter application, there’s also a letter learning game where Scout is taking a bubble bath. Bubbles keep floating out of the tub, and it’s up to the child to pop each bubble. The trick is that inside each bubble is a letter, and they have to pop each bubble by pressing the letter that’s inside of the bubble. This will help children to reinforce their alphabet skills and give them more practice in using a standard QWERTY keyboard.

There’s also a shape game where the child has to guide Scout, who’s lost, to find a particular shape such as a diamond or circle. This reinforces shape recognition, and children generally find it to be a very fun game. Scout can also send the child a generic text message, and the device can be put into music mode where it plays songs as scout dances along on screen.

This nifty little gadget is a great gift for young minds just learning about and exploring their world. At around $20, it’s a wonderful gift at a price that’s certain not to break the bank. Children will love playing with their own Blackberry style device, and parents will appreciate that their children won’t be bugging them for theirs anymore. And everybody will be happy with the way the Text And Learn provides a lot of fun and educational play time.

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