Understanding Exam SY0-201

What is CompTIA Security+ (2008 Edition) Exam? This exam which is also known as SY0-201 mainly tests you on your network security knowledge.

First of all, you will have to figure out what type of certification you need. There are lots IT certifications where some are related to you while the others are not. Make a wise decision before sitting for one.

If you choose to take Exam SY0-201, you should know what the benefit of this exam is. Most importantly, this exam offers you a certification that enables you to develop your skills in network security system. This is a highly demanding certification for most of the companies in the world. Not everyone is eligible for this exam. You need to have at least two years technical networking experiences with a Network+ certification as a prerequisite for this exam.

How should you prepare for your Exam SY0-201?

Hands-on Practices

You need to have a lot of hands-on practices especially in network and security system to pass this exam. This is because part of the questions will test you based on certain scenarios. Knowing the theory part solely will not help you in passing this exam. Therefore, do lots of practices so that it will be easier for you to answer step by step accordingly.

Study Materials

There are a lot of published books that are helpful to improve your understanding in this subject. You can always try the sample questions at the end of each chapter. Besides that, you can try to download some of the available books or study materials online for free. Some of the books might have the step by step study guide from the first day until the day before your exam. Spend at least two hours per day for this course.

Class Training

Go for class training if you need additional guidance. From the training, you will be able to discuss some of the difficult questions with your friends or the trainer. This will definitely enhance your knowledge in network security system.

These are the basic guidelines that you should follow to pass this exam. The most important thing that you need is the practical experiences on the security system itself to have a better understanding.