Online College Courses Can Help You Stay Up to Date in Your Industry

Traditional college degrees cannot supply you with the same flexibility and affordability that the online college can. In today’s times where vocational, professional, and even academic orientations can open a prosperous career for you, a college degree counts by far the most. A major role in such instances is played by online colleges that provide valuable and affordable courses to provide you with much better mileage within your career.

The the same education that the traditional or brick and mortar university can supply may also be counted upon if you go with an online course. If you are thinking you may not be chosen or selected for a final interview for a new job or maybe a higher position because of your online degree you should have no worries. Online courses provide you with the same high-value education as traditional school. Employers will not be concerned as much concerning the institution whereby you earned your degree from, but instead the information which you posses as the degree holder. The stigma against online schools is quickly disappearing as the popularity of online college soars.

The benefits of attending college online are vast. Many programs are available now starting from certificates, associate’s, bachelor’s, and doctorate degrees. Now you can chose the program that matches your preferences best and pursue continuing education through an online education route. Not only are there many options available to individuals who chose to study online, but the flexibility of the programs can simply not be beat. Never before has it been so convenient for a student to study at the same time they work full-time. Not only does online college offer amazing flexibility, they also save students time and money. You’ll save money on transportation costs and parking passes. You’ll save time by not driving back and forth to school each day. Many online schools actually offer cheaper options than traditional schools.

So you actually have a degree plus a career, what can online college courses offer you?

Online college courses will help keep you current in your industry. Online colleges offer certificates which can be of the same value just like any other college plus re-certifies your current position. Workplace procedures are never stand still and updating and you ought to continue with the new guidelines. Many careers require credit hours of continuing education within the most changing career fields and online education can assist you to achieve those credit hours. It is possible to take the classes while continuing to work within your current position. Since you’re already working, you can immediately start integrating what you are learning into your day to day work. Continuing your education and staying updated in your industry will likely put you in a position to be promoted or receive pay raises. When your employer sees your desire for staying on top of the industry, there’s no doubt you’ll make a good impression.

Online schools provide many good opportunities in today’s harsh workplace competition and limited jobs. Starting from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s or even advanced certified courses online can get you a promotion, show added value in your current position, and also raise your income. When choosing an online school be sure to begin a good support system together with your professors via e-mail and get in touch with the enrollment counselor about your intentions of returning to school. They will be able to point you in the right direction for the most relevant courses.

Taiji Ball Qigong Courses 3 and 4 With Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming

“Taiji Ball Qigong courses 3 and 4” with Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming continues the learning experience that started with the first two courses on DVD 1 and the book that these two DVDs accompany. Owning the book and both DVDs, which constitutes four courses on Taiji Ball Qigong training provides one with a very extensive training resource for learning this lessor known practice found within Chinese Taiji and Qigong. The training with the Taiji Ball can strengthen the torso, condition the muscles, and teach the practitioner to use the mind to lead Qi. Additionally, it can enhance one’s Pushing Hands ability and is a stimulating and interesting practice to learn.

The programs on this DVD contain around three hours of instruction, and it is easy to navigate to different sections with the menu system when you are learning. Course Three consists of 16 patterns of stationary and moving Taiji Ball wrap coiling. These include: vertical wrap coiling forward, vertical wrap coiling backward, horizontal wrap coiling clockwise, and horizontal wrap coiling counterclockwise. The instruction is performed by Dr. Yang teaching to the camera while inside a studio. This is the kind of instruction I prefer. Subtitles are present across the bottom of the screen, though I have no trouble understanding Dr. Yang’s English. Some of the instruction has only Dr. Yang on screen, while most other times he has five students in the studio with him, and he makes points, corrections, etc. as the students perform the movements and patterns. Course Three is approximately 61 minutes long.

Course Four is approximately 112 minutes long, and brings the lessons from the first three courses together with applications, both solo and with a partner. By following along with the demonstrations and paying attention to the points Dr. Yang makes, a person will be able to add this training into their regular practice. Sure, it is always better to learn first hand from an instructor, but this is the next best thing for this little known practice.

The programs on this DVD are meant to follow those from the first DVD with Courses 1 & 2. Therefore, I strongly suggest you first learn the patterns from the first two courses before advancing to the courses on this DVD. All four courses combined with the book Dr. Yang wrote on the same topic will provide you with many hours of learning, training, and practicing. If you are interested in learning Taiji Ball Qigong, these are the resources to learn from. I recommend them highly for anyone wanting to incorporate this practice into their training.